August 23, 2010

10 months of Joy

Jayda turned 10 months on August 12th and boy, have we accomplished a lot! We just got back from her 2nd airplane trip to Indianapolis. She was absolutely perfect on the airplane (I definitely worry way too much.) She slept, had snacks and smiled at everyone around us. Jayda even tried to share her rice cake with the gentleman that was sitting next to us. Once the safe landing in Indianapolis, we were able to spend time with my amazing family and friends. Jayda was quite the hit. She now smiles when you have a camera aimed at her...what a ham! I love it! Unfortunately, I did not take one picture, so family, please send me pics soon! Now back to our every day lives in Tampa. My nanny did send me this picture from her phone today, while I was at work. I absolutely love it! Time to start planning the first birthday......

1 comment:

  1. Hi Jill - She's adorable! I love the yellow tank shirt too. PS - I also liked the picture of you and Troy. You're def. a yummy mummy - haha :)
    Love and miss - Ashley