July 31, 2010

Je t'aime

I Scream You Scream

We went out to dinner last night to a place called Square One Burgers. I had the Aloha Chicken and Troy had a kobe beef burger made to his liking. Jayda had some chicken, sweet potato fries, and some broccoli. We all loved it. So when we were asked at the end of our meal if we saved some room for dessert, Troy looked at me for an answer (because I always want dessert.) However, for the first time, after I turned the amazing offer down, Troy said, "I would like to try that fresh apple bread pudding." I couldn't believe my ears! How dare he get a dessert without me?! :) Well, I ended up eating the vanilla ice cream that came with his pudding and I shared my ice cream experience with Jayda. Jayda finishing her dinner like a good girl. Very first bite of vanilla ice cream! Very proud of herself :) Give me more ice cream!

J is for Jay Jay

9 months

How do you write the letter j?

My very first blog post! Since my best friend has a really cool blog, I thought I would jock off of her (yes, I did say jock) and start my own blog. This is much cooler than the wanna be website that I was trying to do before. Trying to start my blog has been quite the experience. Learning this coding stuff and trying to make my blog look chic and sophisticated has been quite difficult, but I am getting there. Slowly. I think the hardest part for me was figuring out what I want to name my blog. If you are reading this than you surely know what I cam up with, "writing the letter j." Let me tell you why. First, my name is Jill, so I have been writing the letter j for my whole entire life. Well, at least since I first learned how to write. Secondly, my daughter's name is Jayda, so I will be writing the letter j much more now and you will be seeing quite a few j's on my blog. The third reason is just because I love writing the letter j. It is so much fun to write and everyone has their unique style. There are so many different ways to write the letter j. Do you put a dot or do you not put a dot? Do you cross the top of your J? How do you write the letter j?